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By ModalInc a - Posted Nov 9, 18

Hey players,

So I've been busy preparing for new plugins for you to play with, got the wiki started and afew vote sites put in place.

So at the moment we have 4 vote sites, but one will be replaced as it doesn't actually give rewards atm. So if you vote on all 4 you get 6 diamonds and £300 in game as a reward.

To get to the vote sites from in game, type /vote or head to and click the vote links on the right.

There will now be some ranks which will be purchasable through the store. These will give out certain features such as pets, trails and more. The money from any donations will go to server and site costs.
More info on the ranks will be forthcoming shortly.

You can now play on any version all the way back to 1.8 on this server. Obviously some features won't work for you, but that's your disadvantage for not updating :P

As usual any suggestions please post in the relevant section or on discord

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