Welcome to Mineland Version 3.0

By ModalInc a - Posted Sep 18, 18

Welcome to Mineland.

We're back and here for the time being. So lets have some fun.

There isn't any donation ranks, while i'll gladly take donations ;) i'm not planning on putting in ranks.

Everything instead will be accessible in game through various means.

Such as buying flight time. Using /fly will currently give you 3 options. Choose your option, you will then be paying to fly using in game money.

The more time you spend in game the more money you can earn. Capped at £2000 per day.

To earn more money you can always hunt mobs, do jobs and eventually do quests.

Spawn is currently in the building phase. It will grow and become alot better. Until then please be careful as there may be drops and fall damage is not disabled.

Sign up to the forum and hope you enjoy our little server.

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